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Torrington Area

Model Railroaders


Photo Gallery

Big E Show 2010 Big E Show 2010 Our show director go over some of the duties and operational procedures before the show. 75452168 Still dark in the building some of our members are touching up final details on their modules. 75452170 Show director go over the list of badges with our President. 75452173 75452174 First test run before the show opens early Saturday. 75453165 75453166 75453168 75453167 75453169 75454585 New electronic switch panel to control switches in our yard. 75454586 75459406 75459405 75454587 75454592 75456417 75454589 75454588 75454590 75454591 75459398 And the show goes on.... 75410655 75410654 75410656 75456410 75456411 75456412 75411150 Roger gives final touches to his nicely decorated Heavy Equipment Faclity. 75456413 This module belongs to the club but is decorated with Roger's heavy equipment collection. Thank to his nice display of vehicles the club won 3rd Place on the Vehicle Contest. 75456415 75456420 75456416 75456418 75456419 75459390 75459391 75459392 75459393 75459394 75459396 75459395 75459397 75459399 75459400 75459401 75459402 75459403 75459404

Amherst Society W. Springfield Train Show January 2022

Show Dates were January 29th and 30th, 2022.

We had  a Blizzard on Saturday which reduced traffic to a ​minimum.

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